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Polsdiagnose - workshop met Frances Turner

Pulse Workshops with Frances Turner

Algemene informatie:
The 3 Step System of Chinese Pulse Reading
As summarised in the European Journal of Oriental Medicine (EJOM), 2007

Taking the pulse is an opportunity for us to connect with the living, pulsing heart of our patients. The pulse is enormously delicate, and if we approach it with respect, can give much of the information we need for diagnosis and treatment.

In the 3 Step System workshops, students are encouraged to firstly feel and clearly verbalise their own subjective pulses, to bring into working consciousness the enormously valuable information this can transmit. For example, a practitioner may put their hand on the pulse and feel a physical or emotional feeling, or even may see an image. Such things can be fleeting, and we often miss or dismiss them.

Secondly, students are encouraged to name the pulse accurately and objectively according to the parameters laid out by the 28 Pulses of Chinese medicine, using the 3 Step System of Chinese Pulse Reading. Many aspects of pulse reading are not subjective, and these workshops have proved time and again that if the naming system is clearly understood by everyone, a group of people will feel the same thing on the same pulse. This gives us a common language and enables us to communicate with each other about the pulse in a way that can help us develop and grow our practice.

Finally, the student is facilitated to integrate these two spheres of information into a coherent diagnosis and treatment, checking their pulse information against observation of the patient and tongue diagnosis. Many students come to the rewarding realisation that silent diagnosis is not only possible, it is obvious. We already know.

Stage 1 concentrates on accuracy in feeling and naming the pulses, and broadens this into interpretation of the pulse according to Chinese medicine diagnosis. The pulse names and interpretations are based on the Nei Jing, Mai Jing and Bin Hu Mai Xue, although some discussion of Nan Jing and Shang Han Lun pulses can also arise. The 3 Step System gives students a starting point in clarifying and identifying specific pulses, from which variations in interpretation and naming can easily be identified.

Both days intersperse lecture with hands-on practical sessions, with emphasis on sensitivity in feeling the pulse, and accuracy as to where to place the fingers. Qi gong is used to enhance this sensitivity, and numbers are limited for maximum feedback from tutors.

This is a predominantly practical, hands-on workshop with emphasis on diagnosis, but also includes revision of the 3 Step System as required. Numbers are limited for maximum feedback from tutors.

Prijs: 400€
Minimum aantal deelnemers is 12

vrijdag: van 10u00 tot 18u00
zaterdag: van 9u00 tot 17u00

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