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Five element acupuncture: a practical workshop

"Five Element Acupuncture is an ancient healing art.

By feeling the pulse and not judging them we can understand what is not in balance and harmony in that person.
By listening to the person we can understand where the person is in his life and how they might like to change.
By using the spirit of the acupuncture points we can balance the person's energy and help them along their path of life."

Five Element Acupuncture is one of the major systems of thought within Traditional Chinese Medicine. Also referred to as the “Five Phase” (Wu Xing) theory, Five Element has been used for more than 2,000 years as a method of diagnosis and treatment. While it is an important component of Traditional Chinese Medicine, today Five Element theory is not used by every acupuncturist rather, it is employed to a certain degree, depending on the practitioner’s training and education, and the style of acupuncture that he or she practices

Five Element Acupuncture is about helping a person to become balanced and in harmony with their energy. By supporting the imbalance of the Elements, the person's energy comes back into balance and returns to health.
Essentially, Five Element theory is used to help explain the cause of particular diseases, and to associate signs or symptoms to particular organs. In the context of “phases,” Five Element theory helps to explain the processes that are occurring in the body throughout various stages of disease and healing. This is particularly useful in explaining the processes that take place during the generating and controlling cycles mentioned in Five Element theory.

The diagnostic foundation of classical Five Element acupuncture is the theory of the Causative Factor or CF. The CF is thought to be the root cause for most of a patients presenting symptoms. It is thought that through birth or early childhood a constitutional weakness develops in one of the Elements. Over time, this weakness has an effect on the other Elements through the Sheng (mother-child) cycle. The CF is the Element which is the foundation for the imbalances a person may experience and becomes the focal point of the treatment

Five Elements treating protocol begins by checking the pulse. If there is disturbed energy, we clear it, if there are blocks we help to support by choosing the Element points. Each Element Point has the potential to support and help the change needed for a balanced and healthy life.

Five Element Acupuncture does not treat symptoms or syndromes. It treats the person as a whole and this technique is especially effective when our health problems are caused or affected by emotional stress and imbalance.

Contents of the workshop:
- Introduction to Five Elements Theory
- The Energetics of the Element Points on the Meridians
- How to diagnose a person's Element imbalance.
- Pulse diagnosis according to the Five Elements.
- How to clear energy blocks.
- Five Elements balancing techniques and protocols.
- How to plan treatments and incorporate points to treat the spirit

Lesgever: Tuvia Scott

-basiskennis Traditionele Chinese Geneeskunde.
-aanbevolen voor acupuncturisten!

Prijs: 300€
Minimum aantal deelnemers is 10

vrijdag: van 10u00 tot 18u00
zaterdag: van 9u00 tot 17u00

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  • 26/11/2016