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    Shang Han Lun Acupuncture (nov '25)

    Aljoscha Shümer





    €400 - course materials and coffee/tea included

    Friday from 10.30 till 18.00
    Saturday from 9.00 till 17.00

    Admission requirements?
    Acupuncturist, tuina therapist

    Accreditation has been requested from the most important professional associations in Belgium and the Netherlands.

    KdG campus zuid, Brusselstraat, Antwerpen
    (in case of a location change, this will be communicated in a timely manner)

    Extra info about our courses online available

    Course dates:
    • 28/11/2025
    • 29/11/2025

    Acupuncture of the 6 conformations (liu qi) based on the Shang Han Lun and the Chinese calendar

    • Introduction of the physiology and pathology of the six conformations
    • The main Shang Han Lun lines on each conformation explained
    • The main underlying theories as Kai He Shu (opening/closing/pivoting model) and Ben, Biao Zhong Qi and their practical implications
    • Acupuncture point prescriptions for the main pathologies of each conformation
    • Introduction on the Chinese Calendar, emphasis on the climatic influences of the seasons as seen in the Host and Guest Qi
    The class is for acupuncturists and everyone interested in the Shang Han Lun and the Chinese Calendar, no herbal knowledge required.

    For many acupuncturists the Shang Han Lun is not easily accessible, since it is based on the understanding of herbal formulas. The class explains the main theoretical models of the Shang Han Lun for acupuncturists. We go through all of the six confirmations and the main Shang Han Lun lines describing their physiology and pathophysiology. Thereby we deepen our understanding of the treatment of acute external diseases as well as any deregulation of physiology arising from it, as is the case in many chronic diseases.

    Additionally for each conformation specific acupuncture point prescriptions and acupuncture strategies are introduced. These are based on the Shang Han Lun itself as well as modern Chinese literature as the book Shanghan Lun Zhenjiu Peixue Xuanzhu von Shan Yutang and the experience of the lecturer.
    Through case studies the efficiacy of acupuncture according to the Shang Han Lun will become evident.
    In the preface of the Shang Han Lun the author Zhang Zhong Jing mentiones the Yin Yang classic, which has been lost. The content of it might be included in the chapters 66-71 and 74 of the Su Wen, which is about the Wu Yun Liu Qi theory of the Chinese Calendar. These chapters describe an advanced knowledge of physiology and pathophysiology.

    The Shang Han Lun can be seen through the lens of the Wu Yun Liu Qi theory. In the class we will introduce the Chinese Calendar with an emphasis on the climates of the seasons as described by the Guest-and Host Qi of each season. This will give very specific insights on how diseases will develop at a certain time and can be treated. Case histories will show how an understanding of the Chinese Calendar deepens our knowledge of the six conformations and how to develop treatment strategies and point combinations from it.

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