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Sinew Channels and Luo Channels Treatments: NIEUW!!

Ann-Cecil Sterman is author of this book and comes to OTCG in february 2018


Sinew Channel Treatments
Sinews Channels (also known as the Tendinomuscular Channels) cover every square inch of the exterior body and conduct Wei (Defensive) Qi. They also direct the movement of Wei Qi in the gut, the blood vessels walls and the heart. Study and practice of the Sinew Channels enables the practitioner to reliably and often miraculously treat:
• any combination of Cold, Damp, Heat and Wind trapped in the musculoskeletal level, resulting in pain, stiffness, tightness, weakness, numbness, neuropathy, allergies, digestive issues, mood disorders, hypersensitivity to weather and temperature.
• acute injuries.
• chronic injuries; new, old, and very old scars from surgery or burns; and for the misalignment of joints, as in the case of bunions,

for example. Sinew treatments dramatically speed recovery after injuries and surgeries, burns, breaks and fractures.

Luo Channel Treatments
Luo Channels are collaterals of the PrimaryChannels. They are visible reservoirs for pathology, and are created by the body in response to a pathogenic factor.
They run the gamut from spider veins to varicosities, and can generate swellings, nodules, even tumors.
The function of the Luo Channels is to keep pathology away from the organs, using the mediumship of Blood. They do not exist in the absence of pathology. Pathogenic factors (challenges to the body’s defense) include Wind, Cold, Damp, the effects of poor dietary choices and poor lifestyle choices, ecological factors (pollution, viruses, bacteria, funghi, parasites), toxins (e.g., asbestos, heavy metals) and emotions.

Luo Channel treatments are extraordinarily powerful in releasing these factors. The class will focus on the “Psycho-social” model of the Luos in which the emotions are featured.


Lesgever:  Ann-Cecil Sterman

-basiskennis Traditionele Chinese Geneeskunde.
-aanbevolen voor acupuncturisten, Tuina therapeuten en therapeuten Qi Gong!


vrijdag: van 10u00 tot 18u00
zaterdag: van 9u00 tot 17u00

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Course dates:
  • 23/02/2018
  • 24/02/2018