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Psycho-emotional Disorders and the 8 Extraordinary Vessels NIEUW!!

“According to the principle of acupuncture, one must examine the patient carefully first and then treat according to the conditions of his spiritual activities.” (Chap. 8 Ling Shu/Ben Shen)


Yvonne Farrell is the author of this book and comes to OTCG in january 2018.


This course will give an overview of the 8 Extraordinary Vessels and their use in the diagnosis and treatment of psycho-emotional disorders. We will discuss how the functions of these vessels relate to psycho-emotional health and how the 8 Extraordinary Vessels respond to evolutionary stress. Understanding the pathways and the points along the trajectories will give practitioners a deeper understanding of how to use these vessels to help their patients adapt to the major changes in life that often cause emotional suffering.

The objective of this course is to present participants with an additional tool for the diagnosis and treatment of emotional disorders using the 8 Extraordinary vessels.

The 2-day course will include:

Day 1 AM: An overview of emotions in Chinese Medicine
5 Spirits/Wu Shen
Emotions as they relate to levels of qi
Beliefs and consciousness

Overview of the 8 Extras
4 Seas & 4 transporters
Development of character style as seen through the 8 extras

Day 1 PM: Chong Mai
Overview of function as it relates to emotions & spirit
Depression, anxiety, phobias
Intergenerational trauma, cultural entanglement, family history & congenital disorders

Ren Mai
Anxiety, depression, eating disorders, bonding issues
Addiction, attachment disorders, Self-love and Self-care

Day 2 AM: Du Mai
Depression, cognitive disorders, anger management, paranoia
Motive force, potency & apathy

Day 2 AM: 4 Transporters (Wei & Qiao Vessels)
Wei Vessels Overview
Management of resources over time, transitional stress
Yin: anxiety & self-contentment
Yang: depression & self-sabotage

Day 2 PM: Qiao Vessels OverviewLesgever
Vision & Stance, balance & polarity
Depression & sleep disorders
Yin: Insight & Self-illumination
Yang: Vigilance & filtering the outside world

Dai Mai
Depression, sexual trauma/intimacy issues, anger management, suppressed trauma
Latency, Repression & Suppression

Creating a treatment: ritual informs intent


Lesgever: Yvonne Farrell


-basiskennis Traditionele Chinese Geneeskunde.
-aanbevolen voor acupuncturisten, Tuina therapeuten en therapeuten Qi Gong!


vrijdag: van 10u00 tot 18u00
zaterdag: van 9u00 tot 17u00

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Deze cursus van OTCG wordt erkend door de meeste beroepsverenigingen in België en Nederland.


Course dates:
  • 26/01/2018
  • 27/01/2018