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Introduction to Korean five-element acupuncture (SAAM acupuncture) and the combination with Constitutional Therapy (UNGI system) for the treatment of obesity. NIEUW!!

Saam acupuncture is one of the original therapeutic modalities representing traditional Korean medicine. It was originally described in a manuscript that is estimated to be published at some point between 1644 and 1742, in the middle of the Cho Sun dynasty, by a Korean Buddhist monk whose name is unknown.


The principle of combining five shu points is based on the theory of Nan-jing. The treatment and diagnosis concepts in Saam acupuncture were mainly influenced by Dongeuibogam and Chimgoogyeong-heombang. The basic characteristic of combining five shu points in Saam acupuncture is the selection of the tonification and sedation points along the self-meridian and other meridians based on creation and governor relationships.


Saam acupuncture is based on the traditional concepts of yin-yang, five elements, ZangFu (viscera and bowels), qi, and meridians. Saam acupuncture treatment cannot be separated from these viewpoints. In particular, it involves the application of five shu points according to the creation and control cycles of the five-element theory. Therefore, the combination of acupoints in Saam is easier to understand from the perspective of traditional medicine.


Saam acupuncture, which involves five shu points as the main treatment aspect, has the advantage of increasing parasympathetic nerve activation and adjusting the balance of the autonomic nervous system. Inserting a needle into the skin layer while considering the respiratory phase and stimulating the needle gently and lightly could maximize the effect of Saam acupuncture.


Weight loss for obesity is attempted everyday by almost everyone regardless of age and sex. Weight loss methods are overflowing, and some methods work on some group of people. Sometimes this has no effect on some people, or worse If it did work, most likely they gain more weight when they stop using these methods.

For this reason, Dr. Senghee Jin has been studying for obesity treatment for a long time and during the process, developed a program to distinguish the types of causes of obesity, and found a pathological mechanism of increase in appetite, one of the causes of obesity.

She developed a pattern to treat obesity with Saam acupuncture. Through this lecture, we will study patterns of treating obesity-causing types and changes in appetite. This will be helpful for acupuncturists to treat more successfully obese people.


Dr. Jin Senghee:

Dr. Jin received her Ph.D. degree in Oriental medicine from Kyung Hee University, South Korea, which is the most prestigious academic institute of oriental medicine in the world.


She has been practicing in South Korea and US since 1994. She especially pioneered the fields of sports medicine, obesity, anti-aging and gynecology in oriental medicine.


She had been a team doctor for multiple professional sports teams including volleyball, tennis, basketball and golf teams in South Korea and the San Diego Chargers.


Her patients range from infants, children and athletes to well-known politicians and celebritie.


Dr. Jin has published numerous articles in leading medical journals and books in South Korea and US. http://www.naraclinicusa.com/#!about/information .


Docent: Dr. Jin Senghee

Prijs: 280€

vrijdag: van 10u30 tot 18u30
zaterdag: van 9u00 tot 17u00


Deze cursus van OTCG wordt erkend door de meeste beroepsverenigingen in België en Nederland.

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  • 06/03/2020
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