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    KAN Herbs 2023-2024

    Teacher: Ludo Kenens


    Language: English

    Price: €180 - course materials and coffee/tea included


    Course hours:

    Saturday from 9.00 till 17.00



    Bocholtzerweg 14c
    6369 TG Simpelveld, Zuid-Limburg (NL)


    Admission requirements:
    Basic knowledge of TCM

    This OTCG course is recognized by professional associations in Belgium and the Netherlands. Do you want more information? Please contact the back office.

    Extra info about our courses online available.

    Course dates:
    • 13/01/2024

    The herb formulas of KAN Herbs professional are based on the most used traditional Chinese herb combinations.
    Ted Kaptchuck, author of “the web that has no weaver”, co-author of the first Materia Medica of Dan Bensky (1975), adapted them to the Western way of living and eating.
    The composition of the 25 herb formula, TCM- and Western indications, are not only discussed separately but also in relation to each other. The scope of indications embraces a total matrix of physical, mental, emotional, behavorial and spiritual imbalances !
    The acupuncture points with similar effects are also included in the extensive syllabus.

    Starting from Chinese pattern differentiation and/or Western diagnosis, the effects of the 25 well-functioning herb combinations (in tablets or drops) will be extensively analysed and explained how these formulas can be applied in your TCM treatment.
    The acupuncturist and the beginning phytotherapist will learn how to use the KAN herb formulas directly or as a support in an acupuncture treatment (i.e. combinations of excess and deficiency).

    This seminar will be presented by Ludo KENENS, practicing acupuncture and herbs since more than 45 years and prescribing KAN Herbs for 40 years. He is head teacher of the acupuncture department “www.OTCG.be” course.
    He followed his herb course with Ted Kaptchuk and S. Dharmananda, who prepared and adapted the herbal formulas to Western people.
    These herbal combinations are easily digestible with high-quality ingredients, compounded according to high-quality Western standards. They are available for many decades with many positive effects.

    “The intention is to be faithful to China’s ancient herbal wisdom, while conscious of the contemporary needs of the Westerners”. (Ted Kaptchuck)

    Training Institute for
    Traditional Chinese Medicine

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