Channel Theory Course

When:22/09 13:30 - 18:00
Teacher:Yvonne Farrell
The Cost of Survival:
An Overview of the Channel System

The impact of trauma on the body is extensive and complex. To be of service to patients with chronic
illness or a history of trauma one must have a clear understanding of the unique functions of each of the
individual channel systems and how they impact each other.
In this 2-day course we will explore how trauma causes psychological armoring in the channel system
within the 3 levels of qi (wei, ying and yuan). We will also discuss the relationship between prenatal
resources and postnatal function, the cosmology of the channel system and the evolution of
consciousness in trauma recovery.
We will cover the pathways, function, symptoms and important points associated with the Sinews, Luo-
collaterals, Primary channels, Divergents and 8 Extraordinary Vessels.
The course is designed to help participants see the big picture in order to create the clarity needed to
make good decision about where to begin treatment in complex and chronic pathologies.

Day One:
 Introduction to the 3 levels of Qi (the triune brain, polyvagal theory)
 Jing: Prenatal, post-natal & kidney
 Cosmology: Conception, Gestation, Labor & Birth
 The Mudpill (Ni wan) and the front mu points
 Tree of life: back shu points
 8 Extraordinary vessels

 Overview of the postnatal channel system
 Sinews: wei qi & important points
 Luo-collaterals: ying qi & important points
 Primary channels: digestion & organ function
 Divergents: Wei & yuna qi & important points

 Pathway vs. Points
 Pathway functions
 Point classifications

Sinew Channels:
 Channel theory
 Defense, Reactivity, Demeanor, Locomotion

 Channel Theory
 Emotion, memory & micro-circulation

Day Two:
Primary channels:
 Channel Theory
 Digestion, organ function, post-natal resources

 Channel Theory
 Polarity balancing
 Self & other

8 Extraordinary Vessels:
 Channel Theory
 Constitution, Curriculum & Archetypal nature