Medicinale Paddenstoelen 2023-2024

When:03/02 09:00 - 17:00
Teacher:Harald Van der Biest
On the 1st day, Harald Van der Biest, TCM therapist, starts with the basic course and lectures are given in the afternoon by Dr Engelbert Valstar, physician/biologist.
On the 2nd day we start again with the basic course given by Wilfried Legein and follow the lectures in the afternoon by Dr. Engelbert Valstar.


This course is a guide that primarily introduces you to the fascinating world of the medical use of healing mushrooms, an age-old folk science. You will be surprised at the impressive number of medical indications for which medicinal mushrooms can be used successfully. This is called 'mycotherapy'.
In the Eastern world, medicinal mushrooms have been used for centuries, both in diet and in medicine. Interest in the healing effects of medicinal mushrooms is also growing enormously in the Western world.
To take you into this fascinating world of medicinal mushrooms from a diverse perspective, we have supplemented Wilfried Legein's basic course with interesting lectures from Dr. Engelbert Valstar.
For example, there is the lecture on scientific publications in which the effects of medicinal mushrooms by Dr. Engelbert Valstar are highlighted. He has reduced these publications to practical information for you with a great deal of knowledge and enthusiasm. And of course we also have clinical experiences planned for you by Dr. Engelbert Valstar from his background as an orthomolecular doctor. He has been using medicinal mushrooms for various medical indications for many years.

The basic course given by Wilfried Legein is divided into 3 parts and is partly given on the 1st day and partly on the 2nd day:
- Part 1: an explanation of the active and effective substances that mushrooms contain, such as polysaccharides, enzymes, glucoproteins, etc.
- Part 2: a selection of medicinal mushrooms with 'proven' healing effects. Each medicinal mushroom is placed in its historical context with specific properties and its medicinal application area.
- Part 3: conditions and diseases linked to one or more mushrooms.